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Street Curling Pro

The Street Curling Pro rink is the most realistic synthetic curling surface ever developed. It is the only synthetic rink on the market with curved panels that create a far more strategic and exciting game. Now you can shape your shots just like the pros! The realistic curling experience keeps guests entertained and returning for more action.

The standard Street Curling Pro rink is 8.05 meter long x 2.05 meter wide with a target on one end. If you want to generate even more revenue, inquire about the 10 meter rink that features targets on both ends. Pro rinks are built for indoor and outdoor play, creating a year-round attraction that delivers a good time in sun, rain or even snow. The self-lubricating synthetic surface allows stones to glide effortlessly with little to no maintenance needed. 

The Pro rink is ideal for permanent installations, such as in family entertainment centers or holiday parks. 

Features & Benefits

The Street Curling™ Express Rink allows winter's hottest sport to be played virtually anywhere. Street Curling™ is a fun, competitive game that keeps people of all ages and abilities coming back for more!



Pay off your rink in weeks and enjoy growing profits as one Pro rink can generate $1000-$3000 in revenue per week.



Street Curling is an inclusive experience, ensuring that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy curling together.

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Indoor & Outdoor Play

Pro rinks are built for outdoor and indoor play, with UV resistant synthetic ice that creates a year-round attraction.


Built to Last

Street Curling’s durability and low maintenance needs will keep your guests curling for years to come.

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Create an Experience

Curling is the fastest-growing Olympic sport and a new-found favourite activity of people around the world. The ultimate curling experience awaits with tournament guides, scoreboards, and appearances by curling champions.


Low Maintenance

Self-lubricating synthetic ice surface allows stones to glide effortlessly with little to no maintenance needed.

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Branding Options

Show off your branding with custom decals on Street Curling Pro stones.

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More than a Rink

The Street Curling team will help you build a game plan to turn your rink into a revenue-generating machine. Your purchase is the first step as you’ll receive ongoing support throughout the process.

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