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The best string pinsetter in the entire world!

The NGT airOsetter is without question the most energy and operational efficient pinsetter in the world. Thanks to its innovative design, the airOsetter combines the advantages of string pinsetters with those of so-called freefall pinsetters. The airOsetter is the only string pinsetter that really has the bowling characteristics of a freefall machine:

  • No faulty scores, because a pin is registered as fallen when it is only moved from its spot by another pin.

  • No faulty scores, when a pin is pulled over by the string of another pin.

  • Pinfall and pin interaction comparable to free fall machine through the use of unique modular pin technology.

  • No visual and noisy untangling of strings when the pins are pulled up.

  • Frequently occurring string-tangles, which have to be resolved manually, are a thing of the past.

The airOsetter is completely driven by air pressure and therefore unmotorized. With a maximum of only 3 bar (43.5 psi) this pinsetter is very safe to use and thus meets all applicable safety standards. A minor amount of electrical power is used for the electronics and the electric-pneumatic valves when in use.

Main technical specifications:

  • Unmotorized Bowling Pinsetter machine with low annual energy and maintenance cost. Completely driven by air pressure. Only 3 bar ( 43.5 psi ) is needed.

  • Additional electrical power of max. 50 Watt is needed for the electronics and solenoids when in use. The standby power is only about 10 Watt.  ( excl. lighting )

  • Mains Supply 100 - 240Vac, UL approved 24Vdc / 100 Watt internal power supply. The power for external Photocells and Switches are standard supplied by the airOsetter.

  • The airOsetter also standard supplies electrical power for the airOlift ball lift at the front and the airOvator ball elevator at the machine side. No additional power is needed !

  • Easy to install and default plug & play.

  • Setup standard with OLED color display & buttons at the rear side.

  • Scoring interface output is compatible with most other scoring systems and is standard compatible with the new NGT IMPULSE Scoring System.

  • The shadow-free integrated LED pin lighting is included as standard feature and can be connected directly to the DMX control of your existing or new light and sound system.

  • Approximate weight and dimensions: 85 kg / Height 1160 mm / Width 1530 mm / Depth 1200 mm including mounting brackets.

All other available string pinsetters are still based on engineering principles and technology from before the turn of the century. For example, metal parts were replaced by plastic components, but the inefficient technology has remained. The patented modular (pneumatic) technology applied by NGT results in an enormous increase in efficiency and a decrease in your operational costs. With the NGT airOsetter you and not your energy supplier or spare parts supplier earn money.

Convince yourself and visit the NGT showroom in Jülich, where you can experience all the advantages the airOsetter will bring to you. Or call us for an onsite personal meeting in your facility.

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