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The revolutionary ball return made by NGT

In order to maximize the efficiency gains, NGT developed a new ball lift based on the same modular pneumatic technology that is used in the airOsetter.

Unlike all other ball return systems, the airOlift only uses energy when it is needed to transport a ball onto the ball rack. After a ball has been detected by the IR photocell, it is lifted up and gently placed onto the ball rack. Only 5 bar (75 psi) of air pressure and 24Vdc / 3W max are temporarily required in order to operate faultlessly. The 24Vdc power supply is provided directly from the airOsetter. In standby mode only 0.5W (Photocell) of electrical power is used. The combination of used technology makes the airOlift by far the most energy-efficient ball lift in the world.

Using "brake stop" technology, the incoming balls are gently admitted into the transport mechanism. In this way, we rule out material damage and material fatigue, as will occur in many other systems over time. Extremely strong industrial bearings guarantee years of low-maintenance operation in your center.


Since the airOlift is built from the same main components as the airOsetter and the airOvater, the need for spare parts is reduced to an absolute minimum.


Hood & Rack of the airOlift are available in almost all RAL color combinations and can be designed with your own logo. In this way we ensure a perfect integration of the airOlift into your interior design. Obviously only extremely durable materials are used for the Hood & Rack. The frame parts for example are made of high-quality stainless steel, which reduces wear caused by bowling balls. This in contrast to powder coating or use of plastic components by other manufacturers.

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