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Innovative, captative and wonderful technology to repeatedly delight your guests!

With the ability to record and share everyday life through social media, consumers are prioritising spend on experiential activities and are more willing to invest in socially engaging entertainment and the memories it creates. This transformation has created a consumer expectation that demands more than just the delivery of F&B; the best operators are starting to provide experiences, reasons to extend dwell time (beyond the age old concept of just hanging out with friends) and the opportunity for ‘insta-worthy’ pictures.

This shift in consumer behaviour has given rise to the phenomenon that is competitive socialising. Put simply, competitive socialising is the combination of an experience led, often gamified activity with a strong F&B presence. The concept itself is nothing new, Ten pin bowling has been leading the competitve socialising scene for over a century but the application of technology to traditional games has been the momentum driver in the modern era. Simplified games that cater for all standards are driving mass participation. Venue operators who embrace these concepts are benefitting from increased footfall, dwell time and spend per head.

Whether it's SMARTS, the world's most accurate interactive darts concept, or the addictively fun SHUFFLE PUCKS, with the products of market innovator 501 Entertainment you choose a partner who is far ahead in the development of the best games, that will keep your guest coming back for more!

Interactive Darts and Shuffle

SMARTS: the worlds best 

interactive darts system

Welcome to the latest competitive socialising phenomenon. Our systems provide operators with compelling, experience led offers to drive footfall and increase sales. Using revolutionary technology, the SMARTS system instantly detects where darts have landed and animates the results with silky smooth, video game graphics.

Our touchscreen user interface offers intuitive navigation and allows guests to add players, take selfies, pick teams, and choose games. With an ever expanding selection of games, there is something for everyone. We even have three difficulty levels to cater for all standards of players.

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SHUFFLE PUCKS: the original

game with a unique tech twist

Launching in Spring 2021, Shuffle Pucks delivers the joy of the traditional game with a great tech twist. Using some clever camera magic, the pucks are tracked and their coordinates used to animate a suite of carefully crafted games.

As with our darts products, Shuffle Pucks is controlled by a touchscreen user interface that enables users to pick teams and mascots before deciding which highly immersive game to battle it out in!

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