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Street Curling Express

Whether it be a friendly game or a competitive match, Street Curling delivers a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of the Olympic sport of curling.


Express rinks are completely brandable and can be rolled out anywhere to quickly get your audience enjoying a game. The Express Rink is 8 meter long x 2 meter wide and provides a Street Curling experience that is ideal for events and rentals. 

Street Curling Express rinks come with a set of eight rocks, which roll on high quality bearings. The stones are customizable, allowing you to showcase branding.

Features & Benefits

The Street Curling™ Express Rink allows winter's hottest sport to be played virtually anywhere. Street Curling™ is a fun, competitive game that keeps people of all ages and abilities coming back for more!



The Street Curling Express Rink can be set up in minutes so that you can quickly enjoy the game. Roll out your rink and begin the Street Curling fun. Express rinks are perfect for events and rentals.

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Branding Options

Express Rinks are completely customizable, allowing you to showcase your branding on your rink and stones.

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The Power of Curling

Curling is the fastest-growing winter Olympic sport and a new-found favourite activity of people around the world.



Street Curling is an inclusive experience, ensuring that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy together.

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Wheather Resistant

Street Curling Express rinks are weather-resistant and can be used outside during dry weather.

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Create an Experience

The ultimate curling experience awaits with tournament guides, scoreboards, and appearances by curling champions.

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