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Street Curling Accessories

Street Curling accessories add to the experience and aid in rink management: from branded mats, stone retrieval mops to scoreboards and curling brooms. Virtually all accessories can be customized with your branding for that extra WOW-effect! 

Express Rink Inflatable Base

The Street Curling Express Rink Inflatable Base allows you to easily set up your Express Rink on any surface, including outdoors. The Inflatable Base inflates in just 20 minutes and can be effortlessly leveled for a quick curling experience anywhere. In addition to being a portable base, the Inflatable Base also has seamless bumpers to keep rocks contained. The Inflatable Base is perfect for outdoor events and setups on grass and other uneven surfaces.


Branded mats can be added to either end of your rink to designate a spot for delivering the stones, and for catching the stones that glide off the ends.

Stone Retrieval Mops

Your custom branded Stone Retrieval Mops help keep the rink clear of debris while also allowing customers and staff to easily retrieve stones and return them to the delivery end. Retrieving stones with the Stone Retrieval Mops also helps keep people off the ice surface which is suggested for safety and keeping the rink clean.

Scoreboards help add to the friendly competition of Street Curling. These dry-erase scoreboards can be branded and allow customers to mark their scores to see who the champion is. Scoreboards are double-sided and can be used on ground level, elevated, or even hanging on the wall.


Stone Decals

Add custom decals to your stones to show off your branding.

Pusher Sticks

Pusher sticks allow users of all abilities to deliver the stone without having to bend to floor level. Individual pusher sticks also ensure equipment is not shared between players to adhere to physical distancing protocols. With Pusher Sticks, there’s no need to say “hold my beer” as you can easily deliver stones with one hand while standing.

Curling Brooms

While sweeping isn’t needed on Street Curling rinks, brooms are still fun! You can use branded brooms as decoration or to show your customers what the real thing is all about.

Street Curling Signage

From how-to-play guides to house rules, branded signs provide your customers with information and add to the overall Street Curling experience.

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