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Light and Sound

Optimal experience through the use of light and sound

In order for your guests to really feel at ease an integrated solution for light, sound and scoring system, more than ever before, is indispensable.  

The lighting concept of an entertainment facility has got an extensive impact on the atmosphere and thus overall experience of your guests while spending time in your center. A proper lighting design for each individual area of your center not only ensures that your guests feel more comfortable, but will make them stay longer and consequently generate more turnover.

This important characteristic is used by the NGT lighting designers when they transform your entertainment location into an unforgettable world, far from everyday worries. Whether it is a quiet lounge setting at the bar or a spectacular show full of special effects above the lanes, everything is possible. With the input of our own lighting and lightshow designers, we help you create the desired ambiance and atmosphere throughout your facility.

NGT Light & Sound
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