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Success through Partnerships

Over the past couple of years the leisure & entertainment industry has been changing and developing at an ever increasing pace. In the meantime the every day operational challenges that a leisure entrepreneur faces have become more complex.

FN Leisure Solutions helps clients with the complete realization of their plans and ideas in the field of leisure & entertainment. We offer services such as a seamless integration of new activities within an existing leisure concept, modernization of the existing interiors, but also the implementation of multimedia solutions and turn-key development of new entertainment centers. With 20 years of experience in the international bowling industry, selling bowling equipment almost naturally forms one of the core activities of FN Leisure Solutions. But there is much more… whatever leisure or entertainment equipment you are looking for, you have come to the right place at FN Leisure Solutions.

To remain successful in challenging market conditions, FN Leisure Solutions relies on the power of partnerships. Because we are convinced that close cooperation between manufacturer, supplier and user creates the maneuverability that is ultimately necessary for lasting success.

For all products supplied by FN Leisure Solutions, we therefore have chosen producers who pursue the same vision and core values, which we consider important. We work with partners that put honesty and transparency in business first, companies that feel committed to and responsible for their customers. They are accessible, think along about desired solutions and necessary innovations and can switch quickly when market conditions require it. Apart from this, each of the suppliers that we work with deliver a durable, sustainable and above all reliable product.

In addition to the delivery and installation of the required products, please feel free to contact us for our services related to concept development, financing of your equipment, project management and operational support.

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The world's only real synthetic curling rink!

Experience Street Curling™ on synthetic ice and discover how iceless curling can attract crowds and generate additional revenue for Family Entertainment Centers (FEC's), winter events and fairs, hotels and bars.

Street Curling™ is a really fun and exciting game that can be enjoyed anywhere by people of all ages and abilities. It offers participants a truly competitive challenge that keeps them coming back for more gameplay! 

FN Leisure Solutions is official Street Curling agent for Europa.


Heading towards COVID-19 resistant interior spaces

Aerosols and tiny droplets in the air play a vital role in the spread of viruses such as Covid-19, particularly in indoor areas suchs as restaurants, museums, leisure and entertainment locations. It is therefore very important to dispose of these aerosols and droplets quickly. This significantly reduces the risk of contamination.

VentiScan provides you insight into how aerosols spread in your interior spaces and how you can improve that situation. Simple adjustments often already give an astonishing result. 

FN Leisure Solutions is partner of Ventiscan. In line with the recommendations for air treatment, we can help you furnish your rooms efficiently and effectively, while maintaining the style and ambiance of your center.  



Enter the future with NGT-Bowling

FN Leisure is the exclusive distributor of NGT-Bowling en NGT-Furniture within the Benelux and France.

Through our unique partnership, not only you get access to  the innovative NGT product-portfolio, but also to the premium services that helped leisure operators all over Europe for decades to to perform better: whether we are talking about the best bowling and amusement equipment, professional light & sound solutions, custom-made furniture or even complete interior design, construction and finishing. We offer turn-key solutions that wow your customers.

With NGT-Bowling and NGT-Furniture you are choosing an equipment manufacturer that offers real future-proof solutions.


Immersive, captivating technology to delight your guests...

Meet the latest phenomenon in competitive socializing. Our interactive dart systems and shuffleboards provide operators with all the tools to attract new target groups, to extend the duration of visitors' stay in their center and to significantly increase the average spend per person.


Premium hardware, made by the experts at 501 Entertainment. Sublime animations, immersive game formats and a cloud-based management package that helps you get the most out of your system.

FN Leisure Solutions is proud partner of 501 Entertainment in the Benelux and Germany.

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We carry on where others stop...

Attractive lighting and appropriate (background)music significantly impact the mood and behaviour of your guests... It makes them feel welcome and comfortable. The right atmosphere will make your guest stay longer, spend more and consequently help grow your revenue. 

Our services do not stop with the supply and installation of your leisure equipment. With our own team we pick up where others stop and will help you create the perfect ambiance to maximize your business results. 

Businessman hand drawing charts and grap


In addition to the fact that a well-founded business plan is essential for obtaining financing, it offers the necessary tools for your day-to-day business operations. You can use the plan to monitor progress and to monitor whether you are still on the right course to success.

Financing comes in many shapes and sizes, but it must always be based on a realistic financing concept that provides insight into the possibilities and the associated risks. As soon as your credit requirement has been mapped out, an appropriate concept can be drawn up.

FN Leisure Solutions can help you write your business plan and find the right financing partner.

Suppliers & Partners

Bowling equipment reinvented!

NGT_Logo B.png

With its innovative, durable, energy-efficient, maintenance and user friendly bowling equipment, NGT for a reason is Europe's fastest growing bowling equipment manufacturer. Enter the future of bowling today with NGT-Bowling!

The ultimate iceless curling experience!


The synthetic ice and curling sport experts from Canada bring to you Street Curling!

A dedicated team of curling professionals that have competed at an international level, as well as attraction and event professionals who have managed activations for some of the world's biggest brands. Together they not only create the world's best synthetic curling rinks, but also provide an unmatched entertainment experience for your guests.

Your partner in 'competitive socialising'


Founded in 2018, 501 Entertainment aims to bring truly engaging, captative and innovative entertainment solutions to the market. The entire team has deep roots in the game industry. Their track record in product and game design, software and payment systems enables them to conceive, build and deliver the best quality products in unparalleled time frames.

Heading towards COVID-19 resistant interior spaces

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Ventiscan, a subsidiary of Dynaflow Research Group in the Netherlands, offers a high-quality interior scan which can be used to determine how efficient and effective the air exchange in your interior spaces is. Based on the outcome, targeted measures can be taken to ensure optimal air exchange, which significantly reduces the chances of virus particles being transmitted via the air.

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